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Refugi Mont Caro




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The UEC Caro refuge is placed at the foot of the Mont Caro (1441 m), the highest mountain in the Terres de l'Ebre, in the middle of the Ports' Massif Natural Park and National Reserve of Tortosa and Beseit Ports, surrounded by forests, mountains, ravines and cliffs, of huge landscape and natural interest.

From the Caro summit we can enjoy the beautiful sights of the Ebre valley and the panoramic views of the Delta de l'Ebre Natural Park, with the river penetrating into the sea. In clear days, during the break of day, Mallorca can be seen, and also the snow-covered Pyrenees in the north, and Valdelinares mountain range in the south. The amazing sunsets, with a sea of mountains that offer panoramic views with infinite tonalities, are higly regarded by photography lovers.

Many paths and tracks form a communication network that allow us to go over old itineraries that our ancestors used, as well as to discover old tracks that members of the resistance movement and bandits used.

The refuge is placed in the center of the itinearies that take us to the villages that surround the massif: Alfara de Carles, Xerta and Paüls in the Baix Ebre region; Prat de Comte, Horta, Bot and Arnes in the Terra Alta region; Beseit and Valderrobres in the Matarranya region; la Sènia and el Mas de Barberans in the Montsià region, and the villages of the Parque Natural de la Tinença de Benifassà: Fredes, el Ballestar, Pobla de Benifassà , Boixar, Bel, Castell de Cabres and Corachar.

Nearby we can find the origin of the rivers and ravines that form the hydraulic system of the massif, like the barranc de la Conca, Vall Figuera, el Canaletes, los Estrets, el Algars, el Ulldemó, el Matarraña, la Fou, Lloret, la Caramella, La Vall ... Some of them will keep their name until they flow into other ravines or bigger rivers, such us el Canaletes or el Matarraña, some others will became new ravines, such us San Antonio, la Galera o Lledó; or new rivers, such us the river Sénia, the only one in the massif that keeps its name until it flows into the sea.

The surroundings allow us to go for short and easy walks, as well as more difficult hikes that go deep into the most unexpected corners of steep formations and luxuriant ravines.

From the refuge, with short itineraries, we can visit places such as Cave Avellanes, la Mola de Catí and Cave Cambra, punta de la Barcina, Mont Caro summit, and other interesting corners.

Longer routes will take us to really intereting areas: Caramella ravine and la Mola del Moro, Terranyes and el Mas del Torero, el Toscà and Carles' castle, Les Foies and les Clotes refuge, les gúbies del Regatxol, la Paridora ravine and el Mas de Pau, les moletas de Arany and els estrets del Matarranya, el Marturi, la serra del Boix and Casetes Velles, el Mas de la Franqueta leisure zone and Benet rocks, el Retaule ravine and the beech forest...

During your stay you'll enjoy the vegetation, flora and fauna, discovering the forests of black pine-trees, indigenous pine-trees, white pine-trees, holly trees, box trees, holm oaks, kermes oaks, beech trees, etc. And you can be caught unaware by an ibex, a wild boar, a fox a badger, an eagle, a vulture...